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Historic Cave Creek is north of Phoenix, and south of the Tonto National Forest. It has preserved its wide open spaces, which contributes to its rustic, Old West charm. Cave Creek shares a higher elevation and mountainous environment with neighboring Carefree. However, Cave Creek's mining history, larger number of families with school-aged children and wider range in home values give it a more down-to-earth ambience.

In Cave Creek you will still see people riding horses into the downtown area as well as a number of old style restaurants and cowboy bars. Local stables host horseback riding lessons into the surrounding continental mountains and other area attractions include the Cave Creek Museum, which is filled with Indian artifacts and pottery.

History of Cave Creek

In 1874, William Rowe found gold on Gold Hill northeast of Cave Creek. With the finding of gold, The Cave Creek Mistress Mine was established, and many people started relocating to Cave Creek to start mining and ranching. In 1908, the Tonto National Forest was established and new water regulations were set in place. These regulations made it difficult for ranchers and their livestock. It wasn't until 1928, when the land south of Black Mountain near Cave Creek opened for homesteading that the area received an influx of people. Cave Creek experienced another influx of population in 1935 and 1940 with the construction of Bartlett Dam and Horseshoe Dam.

Month to Month REAL ESTATE SALES for the greater Phoenix Area in July total (8,387) A dip to pre-March levels. The 24.6% drop from June’s 11,125 may seem disheartening. However, it follows a the same pattern in total sales from years past…i.e. June is historically a good month for real estate  activity. So do not read too much into July’s decline which could reverse itself next month if sales follow the pattern of the last nine months.

When viewing from year to year REAL ESTATE SALES for theGreater Phoenix Area looks a little better. From this perspective: July sales (8,387) represented an 18.1% increase over July 2010.

The Creek

REAL ESTATE SALES IN CAVE CREEK, CAREFREE AND SCOTTSDALE have followed the same general trend with 482 single family homes sold in Cave Creek, Carefree and Scottsdale in July of 2011. This up from  413 homes sold in July of 2010.

I’ve put together some links for active listings in some of my favorite subdivisions in Cave Creek, Carefree and North Scottsdale .

Homes For Sale In Cave Creek, Carefree, North Scottsdale:

If you would like to know more about what has sold recently in your neighborhood

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They Sure Can Be, If You Do Your Homework!

The first thing buyers always want to know when they are considering placing a bid on a short sale is “How much money do the sellers owe on the property?”  That figure is irrelevant.  What matters are the area comps and how much the house is actually worth.

The bank is only looking at the numbers….Will they benefit more if they foreclose or will they make more if they settle through a short sale.

So with respect to this, look for properties that have sold in the last six months of homes that were built within 5 years of the subject property,  same number of bedrooms, close in square footage and lot size. (I actually start by looking only 3 months back. Then if I can not find at least 3, I go 6 months back.) If you still don’t have 3 good comps then look for them by extending your search of sold properties out to within a mile radius of subject property to a maximum of 3 miles. In specialty neighborhoods builder may also be a factor.

This is how the bank does it, so it makes sense to understand the way they look at information and make decisions.  Foreclosure proceedings are a bit costly for them but not so much that they will agree to low ball offers.  If you keep your offer close to the lowest comp you stand a chance of being considered at the best/lowest price.

It’s more complex than that though and here are some other factors to consider before becoming involved:

  1. Is there more than one loan on the property?  Unless you love the home, move on. These take a long time.  A year ago second loans were easier to negotiate, more recently…not so much.  The industry keeps changing though so ask your realtor a little more about this one. But before moving on, ask the listing realtor if they have already negotiated the 2nd loan.
  2. What price range you are in makes a difference.  Don’t mess around with low ball offers if you are looking at homes priced below $200,000.  Our inventory in that price range is declining and there is actually buyer competition in many parts of the valley as of this writing.  Luxury homes have less buyer competition which may mean more flexibility on price (maybe.) When I refer to low ball offers I’m talking in direct relation to the comps., not the listing/asking price. It may not be priced right.
  3. Once you have the facts, knowing what you can put up with during the process is King!  A short sale can take 2-3 months typically and sometimes longer.  And it presents an ethical issue.  Are you allowed to continue to shop for other homes? Well technically you have the right to withdraw your offer up until the point the bank accepts it. Ethically this seller is under tremendous stress and doing their best to help the bank settle the debt and help themselves avoid the credit implications among other things.  They are racing with the clock.  This is where a buyer should perhaps dig a little deep and only place offers on short sale homes that they love and will wait for.  It’s a suggestion.

Happy House Hunting!

Annie Price
Show Appeal Realty


What’s Happening in Cave Creek?

April 13, 2011

Spring has sprung and Real Estate Sales are picking up. March saw closings on 55 homes in Cave Creek ranging from a low of $110,000 – $1,500,000 (twelve of those are horse property) As of April 13 we have 167 homes available for sale in Cave Creek ranging from: $119,000 – 1,674,900.

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